Free Zapier and Capterra mix

Hello, bootstrappers
Now we are creating an integration platform like Zapier. But it will be free for end users. Also we want to create a product directory where vendors can be listing. Vendors can buy ads or get users via affiliate program. Our product is Free Zapier and Capterra MIX

What can you say about our idea? What problem do you have with Google ads, Capterra and G2?

What problems your users have in integrations?

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It sound good, but I imagine something like Zapier is really hard to replicate. They have 100’s of apps and you need to integrate with the API of all of them, that’s quite a large amount of dev work.

We understand this
We hope that free integration platform will be popular and after first 100 apps vendors will create integration with our api by themselves

I went on your website and saw the zapier integration

Who many users and integrations should i have that you will spend a developers time to create an integration with our platform?

It is hard to say, but for starters I think you would need at least a dozen. The major CRM’s and Email clients are the ones I would start with, they are probably the simplest as well. The ones that interest me the most are the accounting system, but they are probably the most complicated.

Thanks for this answer
we have this roadmap

FB leads and google sheets
Acutiy Scheduling
Google Drive
Linkedin Forms
Google forms
Google calendar
Compain monitor
Hubspor CRM

Zappier is a two-sided market. You need to sell integration capability to regular users, and you need to sell users to applications to incentivize them to provide integration APIs. A two-sided market is the hardest one to attack. Especially for a small company. Especially against an entrenched competition already owning the market.

Taking on Zappier is a bad idea unless you’re very well funded. Then why would you be well-funded if you plan to give away your product for free? :wink:

Why you believe that consumers of integrations value free products? Some maybe do, but if I’m integrating that means I have my own business processes, and I want them to run smoothly. Free integration tells me “poor quality, lack of SLA, down when I most needed it” and I steer away.

Zappier is not expensive. Not for anyone who makes any money. And you don’t want people who make no money as customers. The price is not a problem, and so competing on price is not giving you any edge, while generating costs for you.

As for “vendors can buy ads”… well, to sell ads you need LOTSA eyes. I.e. lotsa users first. To get users you need apps = vendors. Classic two-sided market problem.

Hope is not a plan.

And how are you planning to get the first 100? What time would it take for you? Do you realize that with each added intergration you also add a maintenance and support load, so by the time you get to 10 (let alone 100!) you’d be exhausted?

To seriously take on Zappier you need to find an unique angle, something that you can do better than them and something they won’t or can’t do. A typical advice for this is to go to Zappier forums and read all posts where a user is unhappy and finds no solution. That’s a potential scenario to fix and a potential user type to capture.

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A lot of people told that price it is not a competitive advantage but all time when i ask about Zapier a lot of people said that it is expensive

That is why people move to integromate

Why you think that free software it’s not high quality product? Trello and Slack is not good products?

We also will do a good product. We just have another monetization model

Thanks you for your response :slight_smile:

I have understood very good insight. Why i ask about Free Zapier for end user they said that it is a very good idea. But all software vendors not like this, because selling a software it is there bread and butter.

For software vendors i have a question

Do you run ads on our platform if we will have a low price for click and better conversion than google?

That complain in isolation is meaningless. People always complain about prices. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that Subarban is too expensive. Does it mean that building a cheap Subarban a good idea? No - even if given away for free I may still not buy it because the cost of insurance, maintenance and gas may be still too much for me, and I still go with Kia Soul instead. You see, I’m not a good prospect for Subarban to begin with, as your complainers probably are not good prospects for integration application.

People who complain that Zappier is too expensive may not be good customers for your proposed integration platform, too. Yeah, you’d get a lot of freeloaders who will flood you with feature requests and complains - but provide no value.

Think of it - if they can’t pay for Zappier, why would they pay for anything advertised on your platform? “It is too expensive!” Hence, why would vendors advertise on your platform? They won’t - the ROI would be next to zero. And here you left holding the bag.

Besides, the whole “advertising as a revenue stream” idea is dead for at least 10 years. Ads can cover some of your costs, but they cannot cover all.

Trello is not free. It is freemium, but very much priced for business and enterprise. Slack is also freemium and is very expensive for business and enterprise - my client recently had to abruptly halt its adoption when the price tag reached CAD 1 mln.

Free software is generally crap. A few exceptions only confirm the general rule. It is crap because supporting, maintaining and developing software takes time, time and time, and time in development world = money. When a developer of a free software decides should they fix a critical bug or complete a client’s project so their kids have food on the table - they choose food.

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