Flipping or selling a SaaS

I am interesting in options for flipping (selling) a Saas business. My main caveat is I don’t want someone that will just want to screw it over to extract money and disappoint the current users who are small business owners. There are two part time employee’s who preferably would stay on board (in Australia).

Health reasons make it difficult for me and I have other on going stuff as well.

What is the best place to look to find a conscientious buyer?

Get in touch with FE International (a broker) and/or SureSwift Capital (a serial acquirer). Both companies are always happy to talk about SaaS acquisitions without any obligation. This is a good starting point for selling. They’ll also give you a realistic idea of what price you can expect.

Regarding finding a conscientious buyer, that’s up to you to say no if you find a buyer but feel they are not right.

(Once you’ve sold the business, how it is run is out of your hands of course.)

This podcast episode might be helpful to listen to: #146: Selling your business at any revenue level, with Kevin McArdle of SureSwift Capital - Bootstrapped.fm


Conscientious buyer right here. We have acquired two businesses (both 7 figure acquisitions) in the last 24 months. The businesses we acquire, we intend to build out further and run long term.

Happy to hop on a call and have a chat to see if your business is something we would be interested in acquiring and running long term.


@craigvn We’re based in Brisbane and looking to acquire and grow. Happy to have a chat to see if there’s a fit. If not I’d also be able to point you in direction of other channels to find potential buyers.

As an aside, I’m quite interested in the approach people take when they look around for micro SaaS acquisitions. Do companies like SureSwift or @charles have defined methodologies that they follow to maximise return and add value?