FastSpring and HyperWallet

Looks like after almost 10 years with FastSpring, it’s time to move on.
I have requested a quote from Paddle and let’s see how it goes.
Hyperwallet = more hassles and more waiting to get a payment. I see no “improvement” here.


We are entering the third week of endless email exchanges about the issue of invalid bank transfer stuck in our local bank here (I am in Israel). Every day I get response from FastSpring-Hyperwallet support that transfer was fixed. Every day I call my bank and they say that nothing was done. Asked numerous times to show me the MT103 transcript as the proof of actual bank transfer. No response. Things are starting to look rather strange.

Unfortunately, FastSpring is headed in the wrong direction both as to quality and service. Past two days a prospective customer has failed to make an order several times and there is no failed order in the Springboard backend.

And something funny. For another idea, I have registered a new account, lost one week for Integration and then I receive an email that FastSpring is not interested in serving such application - Ok, two more days and I have Gumroad but then I receive an email from the same guy with the bad news : "Here’s what your potential checkout could look like with FastSpring: … more marketing phrases … "

Something positive: Hyperwallet’s exchange rates seem to be better than PayPal’s.

Considering that the exchange rate for payments in EUR via FastSpring used to be less favorable than using PayPal, Hyperwallet is a significant improvement in this aspect.

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I am very disappointed with the quality of customer service from Paddle that I strongly discourage anyone from doing business with them … even when they were not a big company and the founder ((Christian) personally responded to customer emails it was very bad … now it’s even worse. … i use a different solution for licensing … it is reliable but support is awful too … maybe because they use Zendesk