FastSpring and HyperWallet

Ask FastSpring to send you a letter describing their relationship with HyperWallet. This will explain the payment. It may take some effort to make your bank understand this, but eventually they will.

We’ve only been using them for about a month, so not much to tell. Already received payout from them, all good. Their API is clear and integrating was surprisingly fast and easy. Especially compared to FastSpring with their new API, where simple things (like custom product price) required inadequate amount of effort.

There are some weird issues with PPG though, like when a customer makes 2-3 consecutive payments (like paying invoices for services) first payment goes through and subsequent are declined. Does not happen all the time, don’t know what is the critreria.

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I’ve been trying for days to activate my Hyperwallet account, but I’m not receiving the emails they claim to have sent me. Checked the SPAM folder, white-listed *, still nothing. Contacted FastSpring support on Friday but haven’t heard from them yet.

It’s quite frustrating to have to deal with this right now. In my opinion, FastSpring should at least keep offering payments to US bank accounts outside of Hyperwallet instead of forcing everyone to use this service.

Does Paddle have something like FastSpring’s simple integrated license generator?

HyperWallet has an online chat that might help you.
Don’t know about Paddle. May be Canada-based PayPro Global fits you better.

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Hey Dmitry, I work at Paddle. Really sorry we didn’t reply - I can try to investigate what happened if you can send me a bit more info, but I understand if it’s too late :slight_smile:

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Happy to answer any questions regarding Paddle.

To cover some of the questions above: With Paddle, you can receive your payment either via wire transfer, PayPal or Payoneer. Paddle does not charge any fees for payouts (you may be charged by your bank or payment provider or in some cases a $/€/£15 fee for bank transfers)


Welcome @Bianca_Dragan and thanks for your answers so far.

(Bianca is here because I invited Paddle to send a representative to answer with questions in this thread. So I recommend you all use this opportunity to get good answers to your questions!)


I used the chat on as stef85000 suggested and learned that Hyperwallet’s activation emails bounced: “sender verification failed”. That gives me a lot of confidence. I’m now talking to my email provider to get them to accept possibly misconfigured emails.

Hey everyone, I’m the head of product at FastSpring and want to clarify a few things and get you all the support you need. Please know that we hold you, the seller, at the center of every decision we make. To the extent this transition is causing issues or confusion, I sincerely apologize and commit to getting it fixed.

First, our decision to transition to HyperWallet was not made lightly. It was driven by the increasingly global and complex requests from our sellers on how they want to be paid out. All MOR providers use intermediaries/ banking networks to administer payouts, historically we primarily used Wells Fargo, AFX, and Payoneer. Our sellers have increasingly requested new payout methods in more countries, and we needed a more scalable solution. We know getting you paid quickly with no/ low fees is critical, so we did a comprehensive buy vs build analysis and subsequent vendor search to best meet the growing needs of our sellers, arriving at HW.

We recognize the transition is not necessarily a fun one, especially if you don’t benefit from the lower fx rates or additional payout methods. We are actively working through a few, and I can promise you nothing is more important to me and my team than getting this fixed quickly. One issue we’ve uncovered is a bug on the HyperWallet side that is obscuring the beneficiary bank information for some wire transfers. As of 5 minutes ago HW has confirmed that this issues has been resolved. I’ve also escalated the concerns mentioned here about @hyperwallet emails bouncing. No excuse for these mistakes.

We’ve also learned that some beneficiary banks need more information because in some circumstances the funding entity has changed. The details vary based on your country and bank (as it would with any other MOR). We have a pre-drafted letter you can provide to your bank to eliminate any confusion… please reach out support@fastspring or you can find it in our docs (I can’t post the link here as a new member :frowning: ).

In regards to income/ payout tax withholding (ie 30% mentioned in the original post). You will not be subject to this withholding just by migrating to HW. All non US vendors selling into the US, including companies selling through an MOR, are potentially required to file a 1042s depending on their home country and type of product they sell. The vast majority of FastSpring sellers are not required to file a 1042s or have income tax withheld from their payout. If your situation changes based on evolving tax rules, we will notify you in advance. Again, payout tax withholding will not be triggered by your activation through HW.

Lastly, we are indeed activating sellers in waves, so that we can properly support you through the process. If you haven’t received an email don’t panic.

If you have further concerns please let me know (ksmith@fastspring), and I will try my best to get you pointed in the right direction.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Provides clarity on many things.

Hi Kurt, thanks for sharing the details! Would it be possible to get Payoneer’s US bank accounts working with HyperWallet? It is a regular ACH (account+routing) but HyperWallet says “The bank account supplied cannot receive payments”. If it’s fixed, Payoneer users would be able to continue withdrawing through it without HyperWallet explicitly supporting Payoneer as a withdrawal method.

Let me take this back to HW and see. We explored this initially and there was a firm “no” given payoneer and HW are competitors. Could you email me directly (ksmith@fastspring…) and explain what use cases you need supported via payoneer that HW can’t support directly? Thanks.

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Hi Kurt,

I hope you have read “Catch 22”, as today I have experienced a similar situation trying to activate a new Storefront at

The Catch 22 is that in order to activate the Storefront a funny “Complete these tasks to activate your Storefront” message is displayed with no updates even when the tasks have been fulfilled.

And when I try to register in the Support Portal, it says that no company exists with the given Id, but I copy-paste it from my account profile !!!

You see everything goes worse than it was - (does anybody remember the taste of the Oreo waffles in the '80s - compare the filling with the one now?

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Here’s what Hyperwallet told me yesterday in the chat (abridged):
hyperwallet chat 4

As expected, my e-mail provider just told me that there’s nothing that they can do:

The error message “sender verification failed” indicates that the server which sent the e-mails was/is not authorized to send e-mails for the domain used. It is also possible that no valid MX-record was/is stored in the DNS for the sending domain. To be able to check exactly why the “sender verification” was not possible, it would be necessary to analyze the bounce of the e-mail.

So effectively, because one billion-dollar-company (Hyperwallet/PayPal) can’t send e-mails to another billion-dollar-company (Host Europe/GoDaddy), my small company won’t get paid (on time). Cool.

That’s no good. Can you email me your sellerID or login email (ksmith@fastspring), so I can make sure this gets sorted out? We’ve been working on a few changes to make it easier to get setup that may be causing this.

Agree that’s unacceptable, Stephan. I’ll provide this additional detail to HW and get back to you asap.

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Hi Kurt,

HyperWallet is now showing this message:

Please note: Beginning the week of April 6, 2020, Hyperwallet paused collecting certain recurring fees applicable to your use of the Pay Portal. As of Nov 2nd, some of these fees will be re-enabled and applicable to your use of the Pay Portal, as determined by your Payor. To view the schedule of all fees applicable to your use of the Pay Portal, please click "Resources” > “Fees” while logged in to your Pay Portal Home Screen.

Are these fees for FastSpring customers?

Nope. There are no recurring, usage, or platform fees associated with Hyperwallet to manage and use your FastSpring Payouts account. Most bank transfers are also free. One of the benefits of HW is that you can get free bank transfers in 200+ countries - much broader network than an individual bank can offer. Some transfer methods like wires have fees associated due to the underlying costs.

Thanks Kurt, that’s good news :slight_smile:

I also wanted to ask you if you have thought of a solution for your clients (as me) who only work in the euro zone.

Currently all my customers pay for my products in euros, but at FastSpring that money is converted into dollars, and then it is converted back into euros when FastSpring sends it to me. All these are unnecessary exchange rates. I thought it would be solved with HyperWallet, but it doesn’t seem …

Are you evaluating this problem?

Yes! You are right Hyperwallet doesn’t directly address this problem, but it does make it easier for us to this problem. We don’t have a specific timeline yet, but it’s something we actively working on.

Thank you Kurt,

I received the activation email from and successfully set up my account. Made a first transfer request which was confirmed by emails from and

Also just got a test email (“mail test02”) from which was sent to our company’s “info” address.

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