Drip now has $1/month plan for up to 100 subs

Drip have started doing a $1 a month plan for people with up to 100 subscribers.

I think this is great as $199 a month was too high for me to try at the stage I’m in. At $1 a month I’m very interested in trying it out and spending the time to learn their system.

(I’d put a link in here, but I can’t post links as I’m too new, so perhaps someone would be kind enough to add it to make everyone else’s lives easier?)


I think that’s really smart pricing. It gets the customers into the system, way before they are successful at an almost free price point. Has the best of Freemium and Paid-Only worlds.

Considering how sticky email marketing software is, I would not be surprised if others competitors follow suit.

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Agreed, it’s very like freemium, just a bit more commitment, which is very smart. It breaks the paying-for-it-at-all problem, while still being a tiny amount.

I’ve realised I’d got my $199 wrong, the next lowest plan is $49. I’m sure it was more than that last time I looked. Maybe it was when I was looking at moving at moving a client over from Mailchimp.

What I like about this is that you have users who have committed at least a credit card # and a small payment. That is much more commitment than a freemium user.

Also, they have a very clearly aligned value with the “up to 100 subscribers” clearly being the threshold at which a reasonable person “cares” about doing drip outreach enough to pay for it.

It also puts a serious competitive barrier up for new entrants in the market, and prevents their established competitors from trying to match their pricing.

It’s good to have money :slight_smile:


They’ve now dropped the price tag, so it’s free for up to 100 subscribers. Did they post any insights on why?

I guess the overhead of dealing with payments (i.e. processing costs, refunds, chargebacks, etc) must have made it not worth it.

The 100 subscribers plan is nice but i think Drip has a bad pricing for startups. After the 100 you must pay 49$ until you reach the 2500 subscribers. There is nothing in between 100 and 2500. I dont think anyone can make 49$ from 100-200 subscribers every month. I like the Active Campaign pricing. 1000 subscribers for 18$