Do you need to promote your business? Check out my new SaaS

Hi, do you need to promote your product or business and don’t know where, how or to who? I build a small SaaS or actually it’s just an MVP and would love to help you with that.

I will provide you with a full package containing leads, top backlinks from the competition, keywords and hot topics for content marketing and other exclusive opportunities like newsletter sponsorships, affiliate opportunities, etc.

If you are interested, check out my website

I also appreciate every feedback.


Hi Vlad,

For feedback, I’d suggest you pick just one of the two prices, and go with that.

I looked at your pricing page, and I saw just two very different price points. Tiered pricing is common, but your prices are so different to each other, they suggest two very different types of products.

The cheap one suggests a self-serve, low-touch product, and the expensive one suggests a sales-heavy, sit-through-demoes, have-your-hand-held product. It is much easier for your marketing if you pick one market segment and optimise your content, design, and sales model for that.

Agree with Steve above.
Also, double check your spelling and grammar - perhaps have a native speaker go through your site. Sorry, one of my pet peeves. “You have build something but no one cares?” - I think it would be best to leave that line out all together. But if you’re keeping it: it’s ‘built’, with a T :wink:.

Hi Vlad,
So on $39/m I get 50 highly targeted leads/10 top competitor backlinks … - every week?

If so, definitely count me in :slight_smile:

@SteveMcLeod I wanted to tell you this a looong time ago - please make the links automatically start on a new tab, it’s usually a pain to come back to the main page.


I’ll have to check if the forum software has a setting for that.

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Thanks for the great feedback.

Yes, every week. Let’s have a talk and see how I can help. I would really like to find out what you are doing and how we can work together.


Hi Vlad,

I’m very interested in your idea but the last few times I’ve checked, it’s said the site is offline for maintenance. Will you let me know when you’re live again and I’ll come back and offer feedback then? Thanks!

Hi Vlad,
Sorry for the late reply. I will PM you in a bit

Hi Lauren,

yes, I took the site off because I need to change and rework some things there. But of course, I will let you know if I’ll come back again. I also send you a PM. I would love to learn about how I can help you.