CosyAnalytics for sale

I’m selling my Google Analytics made easy tool :

If someone is interested, can drop me a line.

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Sold out through Flippa :slight_smile:

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Congrats! I hope you got what you were hoping for from the sale.

Actually the story is very funny. I have a notebook where I put ideas when they appear. And I had such idea written down for a sunny day in the future.

One day I noticed the same thing is on sale at and I said ‘I want it!’. The price was $20K, I offered 10K and we agreed for 16K. I didn’t had that amount at the moment and we agreed to wait for few months until I have all the funds. When that moment came the guy refused to sale. Then I sat at my but and learned NodeJS for a week and made the same functionality for one month and polished for another.

The story goes with the same guy asking me a few months later do I still want to buy it, but at that point in time I was also starting to think isn’t it a good idea to sell it just like him. And this all ended this week.