Cheers from Berlin

Hello there,
this is Luciano from Rome, based in Berlin. Happy to discover this forum. I’m bootstrapping an app for the German market: apparently I can’t put links here, but we got a landing page and a quite advanced MVP.

The aim is to revolutionize the way school interact with parents and students in Germany. Long shot but worth a try.
I’m working with my wife, which is fun.

I have 25+ years as software dev, architect, tech manager, across lots of sectors and countries. Also dad and photographer.

If anyone from Berlin around here wants to go meet, I’m always happy to cross paths.

P.S. My German sucks :slight_smile:

Willkommen Luciano! If your German sucks, then I can guess you are not German. Where are you originally from?

Add the landing page URL with a space before and after the last dot, and I’ll edit your post and turn it into a working URL for you.

Hey Steve,
I’m originally from Italy, been moving around for the last 25 years.
The landing page is here:

Berlin seems to be a hot spot for developers from other parts of Europe (I know a couple of developers who moved there from Spain).

There must be something about das city :slight_smile:

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Berlin has positioned itself as a tech hub in the last few years: the main reason is the relatively lower cost of life compared to other European cities (this is changing quickly). It’s easier to move to Berlin, rent a room and an office and build stuff, compared to say Paris or Vienna.
Also, Berlin is kind of the nightlife capital of Europe, so, if you are in your 20s/30s and have no major responsibilities (family, morgage, etc.) this is a great place to be.

Yes, I have been to Berlin a couple of times and the general life style is pretty good. Food, night life, etc.

And I happen to be working with someone who lives there whom I have actually never met in person.

Bu I really like to explore the community and startup scene there too.

Is there any good networking event happening in the next couple of months that you recommend? I would book to go - it’s not too far from Cambridge where I live :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ramin,
I don’t know of any big networking event coming up in Berlin. There are several meetups, but nothing major, as far as I know. Let me know if you are around, we can meet for a beer.


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There is always the Berlin Indie Hackers meetup which is growing more and more popular. It also happens to be held in a very German bar with good beers.

There are a lot of events hosted by Factory, a co-working space.

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@luciano-fiandesio sure. I will be in the next two to three months.

@arvidkahl thanks.