Bootstrapped & Indie Hackers News for Asia


I have an idea to create something similar with TechInAsia or e27––a media platform that focus to bring Startup news in Asia––but I hate “Startup” world, so we will create a media platform that focus to bring a news about Bootstrapped business, Indie Hackers, and some technology.

Why it’s only for “Asia”? Because I live at Asia. And I think community like this–a Bootstrapped Company, Indie Hackers/Makers, etc–is so few. Or… Didn’t so famous? Or… Everyone is only interesting with Startup world? Get funding, sold company, get nothing profit, shutdown.

Let me know if you interesting with this idea, and what do you think about this idea? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Have a nice day! (It’s night here, btw)


Fariz Rizaldy

As this forum proves, there is enough bootstrap-minded people.

However, unlike you, most of people on this forum do not live in Asia so it is hard for us (for me at least) to say is it a good idea to have a bootstrap media platform for Asia. On the gut feeling level it makes sense so I do not see why not, but I guess you’ll know if you try.

Good luck!

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I realize, that it will be very difficult. Btw, I love this part:

I will rethinking about my idea again, thank you once again.

Good luck too!

That was fast! However, good thing you did not waste a single monetary unit for that idea :slight_smile:

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