, episode 70 “I made a lot of money off Twitter”

In this episode:

Working on the HelpSpot website, renaming your company, hiring consultants you can trust, Stripe is screwing Butov, search advertising, sales update on Quintu and Scribbleton, HelpSpot Vault, getting PR as a bootstrapper, discussing a possible survey tool in the HelpSpot ecosystem, Andrey’s new project SourceCase.

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I have not being coding in C++ for over a decade, hence I may ask a stupid question:

If I really need to have crash-reports, why can’t I supply a non-stripped binary?

The disk space = binary size is not an issue anymore, and optimization (-O) and stripping are, as far as I remember, independent – i.e. I can ship an optimized binary with symbols still in, can’t I?

You totally can. And some do, but most developers prefer not to include debug symbols in there, especially as the size of the company grows, or if the industry is more privacy-based, or if it’s a higher-performance binary, such as a video games. I’ve never worked at a place that shipped debug symbols out with release binaries (aside from one-off debugging efforts).