episode 107: Robert Brandl – Founder of WebsiteToolTester

In this episode I’m joined by Robert Brandl, founder of WebsiteToolTester.

Robert and I discuss how to hire and manage freelancers. We also discuss how having children forces you to change the way you work.

Robert’s 4 tips for a healthy freelancer relationship:

  1. Meet in person from time to time, if possible
  2. Pay at the higher end of their expected rate
  3. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat them they way you expect to be treated
  4. Let them know the positive results of their work

Listen to the episode here.


Thanks @SteveMcLeod and Robert for taking the time to share your business (and baby!) stories.

As we may embark into finding some freelancers soon for some tasks, I appreciated the tips given in this episode!

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Good luck with the kids!

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