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Bootstrapped, Episode 74, “Nobody ever got fired for hiring Vector Media Group” with special guest Matt Weinberg



We’re joined by our friend Matt Weinberg to chat about growing a large consultancy, software, hiring, and more. A lot of great insights in this one, don’t miss it!

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Good episode! And thanks for getting some of our questions in. Very interesting conversation.


I especially liked this episode. Hearing Matt’s stories reminds me why I sold out of my own software consultancy in 2003!


Thanks so much for the kind words, @JohnH and @SteveMcLeod! It was a lot of fun. Feel free to reach out if I can ever be helpful in any way. I’m mrw on Twitter and my email is matt@vectormediagroup.com.


What do you mean hearing his stories reminded you of why you sold out? You hated running one?


I listened to the podcast months ago, so I don’t remember exactly. I didn’t enjoy the stress of running a consultancy with a team dependent on me continually winning new client projects.