Bootstrapped #122: My desktop app got acquired!

@SteveMcLeod tells @freyfogle all about the sale of his desktop app. We talked about why I sold off the desktop app I’ve been running for 12 years, how I found a purchaser, and the emotional ride of negotiating and handing over the app.

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Wow, Steve! This will take a weight of your shoulder. Good luck, and also for the buyer.

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@SteveMcLeod very good story, thank you! Actually it’s the first time I listened to a podcast here, being a member since 2014 :slight_smile: Old school, prefer reading and writing. BTW, I’m running my desktop app for about 18 years now; selling it did come to my mind occasionally, but not to the point where I would seriously consider it. Your story is very interesting, the emotional part, preparing to sell, handing things over - liked it all. Do you feel sort of emptiness now that you don’t have a project you’ve been running for so long?

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I’ve got too many other things going on to feel empty at the moment! In fact, I’m already taking on a new project - more about that soon :wink: