Bootstrapped #119: Small team habits part 1

@freyfogle shares his top 5 habits he recommends for small bootstrapping teams, to keep your product as good as it should be.

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Great tips, @freyfogle, and thanks to @SteveMcLeod and the crew at Balsamiq for sponsoring the ad!

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Title of this episode didn’t look that applicable to solo founders since it mentions teams. However, it contains very good advice, even if the team is just one. I’ve made a list of 5 habbits @freyfogle discusses here:

  1. Write a monthly email to advisers, with key metrics, goals for next month, and how previous month’s goals went.

  2. Schedule time on periodic basis for stuff that’s important, but not urgent: testing, performance checks, checking that everything important is backed up and can be restored, etc.

  3. Once you pass some revenue, subscribe to service like BareMetrics, MixPanel, etc. to let them handle important metrics instead of doing it manually.

  4. As soon as you reach certain size, hire freelancers. Not only for additional man power, but to force yourself to document systems.

  5. Celebrate when you hit the goals.

Right now, I’m only doing celebration part when applicable :slight_smile:
I did have experience with (1) back in my employment days and it really helped with motivation and streamlining work. That’s definitely something that looks like it would help me staying on tracks.
Regarding (3) I’m in the middle of hand-coding some kind of metrics for our portal :slight_smile: Maybe that’s not the best use of my time, but since our product is desktop, most of these solutions don’t work just like that out of the box. There was a company specialized in desktop metrics, but it shut down.

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You can use Countly for desktop