Bootstrapped #118: Should your product go Freemium?

@SteveMcLeod and @freyfogle consider whether Freemium is a viable business model for bootstrappers.

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Thank you for this episode and for discussing my question about 2 my competitors who are using Freemium model.

I agree with Freyfogle that it is not a proper strategy to rely on user ignorance about existing freemium competing products.

With my trial version I have good sales in certain countries and I afraid to have a decline in sales after switching to a Freemium model.

So my idea now is to make an experiment and switch to Freemium in other countries with other languages. So I will be able to see if the freemium’s “word of mouth” and freemium volume/features limitations actually work for my product.

If it works well then I switch to Freemium globally. If it doesn’t work and users from these new countries just use the product for free and don’t pay then I don’t loose much.


Thanks for discussing my product AnyRail a little bit.

I agree that it’s a hobby niche product, but I’m still amazed at how different people go about their hobby world wide. So even when you think you found a niche, you’ll find sub-niches and endless ways to extend your product.

About the website language, I just follow the preferences set in the browser, I don’t use IP-geolocation or anything like that.

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