Bootstrapped #111: "Should I apply for TinySeed?" with Craig Hewitt, founder of Castos

Craig Hewitt, founder of Castos and cohost of the Rogue Startups podcast joins me to discuss TinySeed. Craig helps me answer the question, “Should I apply for TinySeed?”

You can also listen here.

@SteveMcLeod , great interview again!

As a followup to Craig mentioning Eugene Schwarz’s book, I think the book is mainly geared to products related to consumers.

A much better book for SaaS is in my view: “Roadmap to revenue” by K. Zhivago. She concentrates more on the buying process, as opposed to buyer personas.

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Thanks! I really appreciate the positive feedback.

I’ll add “Roadmap to Revenue” to my ever growing reading list.

As another followup: Craig mentioned that TinySeed takes only US companies. He then talked about Stripe Atlas as a way to have US company. I’d be very careful using Stripe Atlas because some EU countries act like this (Germany is just an example, France might be different):
When you enter Stripe Atlas there are tax and administration implications. If you live in Germany and operate your company from Germany, the German tax authorities can/will assume that you in effect run a company under German tax jurisdiction. The effect is that you have to file tax as if you had a German company, and you have the US company tax things going on. This is compounded by VAT complications, as your US company is responsible for EU/German VAT.
Then there is also the issue with health insurance contributions in Germany, not sure how that would be handled for a US company director living and working in Germany.

Probably getting all this right with a German accountant will cost $$, plus yearly $$ fees and US accounting fees.