Book & Course Giveaway (Tiny Marketing Wins, UI Audit, Single Founder Handbook, SaaS Email Marketing Handbook)

Hi folks,

I wanted to let you know about a giveaway @SingleFounder, @mijustin, @uibreakfast, and I are hosting.

You can win a copy of our respective books/courses ($842 worth of goodness per winner) and there’ll be 5 winners.

You can get additional entries in the sweepstake by inviting friends, too.
Here’s the link:


Thanks! Entered.

Could you size down the 6.5MB worth of images to the dimensions they’ll occupy, maybe run it through a web optimizer? The thumbnails+background hadn’t finished loading by the time I submitted the form, and I’m on a good connection.

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Hi Mike,

thanks for the feedback. I’ve done my best to optimize it - now at roughly 500KB.

90% improvement. Loaded find for me.

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FYI, the offer sounded interesting enough to apply wiithout details. After I signed up I thought “hey maybe I’ll just buy these”. But the images aren’t clickable.

(Makes sense to make them clickable only AFTER I finish the funnel)


I like that idea. :wink:

Here are the links:


Thanks @itengelhardt for putting it up here! Glad to participate with The UI Audit. Looks like a great giveaway pack to me :blush:

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I just entered. I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t win. I did decline the opportunity to get more entries by spamming my friends though… :slight_smile:


Well, @SteveMcLeod, you have roughly 14 days left to abandon your hopeless position and return to the path of righteousness :wink:

Just as an FYI, I found the confirm email in my spam folder. My biz email uses Zoho and it’s not the most aggressive of spam catchers!