Is someone from here still a member of the Association of Software Professionals

If yes, do you have any benefit from it?

It seems abandoned since 2015

I was a member for a while. it was a big deal back in the days of shareware, but became less relevant as mobile and web increased in importance. I believe that one of the members embezzled loads of money from their annual event and that can’t have helped (I think he went to prison). Also most of their energy seemed to go into bickering with each other in the forums. I distinctly remember me ordering a vegetarian meal being referred to as ‘gay’ at an ASP event - and this was by one of the senoir ASP members! I left years ago. I wonder how many members it has now?

I can’t answer that question (not a member), but that site is like a time capsule! Looks completely abandoned and irrelevant.