Anyone Noticing August Sales Drop for under $50 Desktop Software


This is just another why has my sales dropped question like the frequents on discuss.joelonsoftware :slight_smile:
Anyone noticing sales drop this month ? Is this month vacation/holiday period in Europe and USA


In Europe most people takes big holidays in August (like 2-4 weeks) ! I don’t know for North america though.

Summer is usually a slow season for many businesses. Good time to do some extra marketing and special sales.

Yeah, pretty normal for us. Summer time cuts our sales by 30% - 40%. (Desktop productivity software).

Probably this is a deja vu:

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If this is not your first year in business, how does this August compares to previous years? Is the drop significant, like 40-70%?

If your sales volume is low, say, less than 100-200 units per month, this can be a statistical thing.

I posted my income chart some time ago: Income rollercoaster
As you can see from there, every month I can ask “why sales drop” or “why sales rise”.

I’d start to worry if sales drop to zero. It could be a technical reason like Buy Now links not working.

Sorry for the delayed response,The sales have returned to normal.Thanks for all the replies.