#180: Managing the mental ups and downs with Geraldine DeRuiter and Rand Fishkin

@peldi continues this mini-season as he chats with married couple Geraldine DeRuiter (author) and Rand Fishkin (software founder) on how their fields differ - and how they are more similar than you’d think.

Peldi, Geraldine, and Rand discuss:

  • How the software industry is less special that we think
  • Dealing with the loneliness and isolation of being a founder or author
  • Managing your own psychology
  • How a supportive partner shares your mental ups and downs
  • The value of having a peer group (aka friends) for mutual support
  • The challenge to ignore the VC hype machine

Geraldine’s blog: The Everywhereist.

Rand’s company SparkToro.

You can also watch this episode on YouTube.