#172: Getting rid of Google Analytics, with Alex Yumashev

Alex Yumashev (@jitbit), founder of JitBit, returns to the show. We discuss:

  • why Alex ditched Google Analytics from his website
  • how he keeps his work interesting after so many years running the same business
  • why differentiation is often not possible
  • finding freelancers
  • the good and bad of being a bootstrapping entrepreneur

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Regarding SaaS admin interfaces: RoR has a nice collection of nearly ready made admin interfaces: Category: Rails Admin Interfaces - The Ruby Toolbox . I use something similar for my tech stack. My recommendation is to try first with a copy of your production db, and if you deploy it to set up the admin interface in a separate app behind a firewall.

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It was a good one. Refreshingly free of hype and BS!

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For all those looking for a GA replacement. Look no further than GoatCounter.

Disclaimer: No affiliation.

I use it for my own SaaS.

I enjoyed this episode.

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Very interesting episode!