#169: Email newsletter or no email newsletter? The great debate

We argue for and against having a monthly email newsletter for your product. Ed is firmly in the “No way” corner. Steve represents the “You gotta have a newsletter” side. Let the debate begin!

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We love having a newsletter. It feels very intimate (even if we have thousands of subscribers now), we call it “our inner circle”. It’s a friendly and very responsive audience, it gives us a chance to test new things before doing it more publicly on the blog or our website.

We evolved the format over the years, and listening to our readers we now have the following format:

  • one main story: something we want early feedback on, some advice we might post on our blog some day, etc.
  • a section about our product (what’s new this month)
  • a section about our website (what we’ve published this month)
  • a section about our company (what we’re working on)

This works well for us. To see examples, see: Balsamiq Company News | Balsamiq and past issues: Balsamiq



I think it’s important to build up your own subcribers list, as you don’t want to be dependent on social platforms only - something may change one day and suddenly you cannot reach your contacts anymore.


I sometimes include a funny section at the end. It helps to lighten up what can otherwise be a bit dry. A bit like the ‘And finally’ section at the end of the news.


Thanks, that was very helpful.