#166: Making an Open Source business work with Allan Jardine of DataTables

Allan Jardine is the creator of DataTables, a popular jQuery plugin. We discuss his challenges and successes as he learned how to make a viable business from creating Open Source software.

We also discuss Allan’s new SaaS product, CloudTables.

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It was a real pleasure speaking with your Steve!

If anyone has any follow on questions from the podcast, I’m kicking around here and happy to answer any questions.

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Hey Allan, is there a self hosted version of cloud tables yet?


Just wanted to say that the DataTables plugin is great. I had it up and running on my tables in about 20 minutes. My customers seem to love it so far.

I’ve got a DataTables related question: I’m looking for a simple spreadsheet in js. Any recommendation?

@Roland_Finke Hi Roland! Good to see you here :slight_smile: . Not yet, but we are aiming for a preview of it towards the end of this month.

@Lbjstetson Thank you. That’s awesome to here!

@unboot DataTables has its KeyTable addition which can make it a bit like a spreadsheet, when combined with Editor, for input. But we don’t attempt to be a spreadsheet - DataTables is intentionally kept to being “just” a table. For a more spreadsheet like operation (formula etc) try Handsontable.


Handsontable looks pretty slick but the pricing page is verging on frightening. Not for the cost, but for the subtle hostility. Doesn’t feel like a tool a bootstrapper could integrate.

Another not-spreadsheet but in the same universe is Slickgrid (and its forks).

Yes, handsontable looks dangerous for a bootstrapper. I’m not sure I’m clear on the implications of their licenses.