#165: Finding and hiring freelancers

In this episode I answer some listener questions about freelancers. I discuss how to find, hire, and communicate with freelancers.

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@SteveMcLeod Thanks for the episode. The process you describe seems quite good.

What I like about hiring (remote) freelancers on a part time basis is that it opens up job opportunities for e.g. stay at home parents to work for a few hours a day.

I must say that my experience with upwork is mixed, but positive on balance. I also found a great freelancer on linkedin, when they had their #lookingforwork badge visible.


Thanks for the episode @SteveMcLeod, it was excellent as always. As a developer/consultant that works and have worked with a few bootstrapped companies, Iā€™m very interested in understanding the challenges that founders face with hiring and working with freelancers.

One tip I have is asking other developers to refer someone to you. When I recommend someone, and I know the founder well, I always go the extra mile in trying make sure they are a good fit.

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