#164: A Saber Feedback update 9 months after acquisition

Ed grills me on my progress with Saber Feedback, my B2B SaaS, nine months after I acquired it. We talk about SEO, competitors, getting backlinks, finding a niche, and resisting the temptation to write code instead of doing marketing.

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When I ran a feedback SaaS, I had the same customers coming and hoping that by installing a feedback widget on their site, they would magically get great customer insights from random visitors.

One thing which helped was to write and show howto articles where and when a feedback widget makes sense:

  • our best customers installed the widget e.g. on the post checkout page in a payment flow. Write about this, and show a mocked up example.
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I enjoyed listening to the podcast, but it didn’t take too long before some ideas sparked i my head. But instead of writing it here I wrote a blog post about them!

How to improve conversion for Saber Feedback


Thanks for the suggestions @Kjell-Ake_Gafvelin. I particularly like the idea of improving our branding. I’ll ask my designer to do something about it.

BTW I love that your blog is 13 years old and has just 2 posts. You seem to be very selective about what posts get published! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. We have one article like this, but I think we need more, and we need to make them easier to find.

Nice, I like to hear what you focus on, what works and what doesn’t, etc. The “status update” nature of it is neat. Keep it up Steve!

I would be happy to hear this, but I don’t understand English by ear and in most cases I prefer to read and use a translator … is there any chance that someday you will add transcriptions to podcasts?

Yep, only top content makes it there! :smiley:

The branding is probably the top issue of the two.

It was really fun to do the analysis and try figure out what could be done to improve. But now I have to do more of that work on my own home page.

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I’ve considered transcripts. But it is a lot of work and/or expense to add a quality transcript to each episode. Maybe one day…

You could try a service like otter.ai to transcribe it

@Kjell-Ake_Gafvelin We’ve finally updated the branding on Saber Feedback’s form, as per your suggestion!

Looks really nice! And the customers have to pay extra to remove it?

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Yes, only our highest-priced plan allows removing our branding.

Have you got any feedback from customers about the branding change?

No, we haven’t. But we’ve only rolled out this change to new trial signups so far.

The reason why we’ve done this is long and boring. In a nutshell, we were facing some technical issues with our existing widget. So we’ve created a v2 widget which launched a week or two ago. We will eventually encourage existing users to upgrade to the v2 widget, once we’ve flushed out initial problems.

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