#164: A Saber Feedback update 9 months after acquisition

Ed grills me on my progress with Saber Feedback, my B2B SaaS, nine months after I acquired it. We talk about SEO, competitors, getting backlinks, finding a niche, and resisting the temptation to write code instead of doing marketing.

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When I ran a feedback SaaS, I had the same customers coming and hoping that by installing a feedback widget on their site, they would magically get great customer insights from random visitors.

One thing which helped was to write and show howto articles where and when a feedback widget makes sense:

  • our best customers installed the widget e.g. on the post checkout page in a payment flow. Write about this, and show a mocked up example.
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I enjoyed listening to the podcast, but it didn’t take too long before some ideas sparked i my head. But instead of writing it here I wrote a blog post about them!

How to improve conversion for Saber Feedback


Thanks for the suggestions @Kjell-Ake_Gafvelin. I particularly like the idea of improving our branding. I’ll ask my designer to do something about it.

BTW I love that your blog is 13 years old and has just 2 posts. You seem to be very selective about what posts get published! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. We have one article like this, but I think we need more, and we need to make them easier to find.

Nice, I like to hear what you focus on, what works and what doesn’t, etc. The “status update” nature of it is neat. Keep it up Steve!

I would be happy to hear this, but I don’t understand English by ear and in most cases I prefer to read and use a translator … is there any chance that someday you will add transcriptions to podcasts?

Yep, only top content makes it there! :smiley:

The branding is probably the top issue of the two.

It was really fun to do the analysis and try figure out what could be done to improve. But now I have to do more of that work on my own home page.

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I’ve considered transcripts. But it is a lot of work and/or expense to add a quality transcript to each episode. Maybe one day…