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What do you do to stay motivated?


So do you run in beta only (free) or you actually charge? IMHO I don’t think there is something like “launching too early”. I’d rather launch early and ship an early version full of bugs than keep postponing and perhaps never “launch” at all.

Also - make them pay ASAP. When I was starting, having free beta was out of the question - I’ve collected pre-orders without having an actual product and this is how I made my very first sales.

P.S. I am happy to have a video call and perhaps provide some feedback/suggest things based on my experience.


I moved out of beta a few months ago. I agree with what you said about how it’s better to launch early than to never launch at all—I’m very glad that I launched when I did and that I moved out of beta soon after, seeing as the beta was not very beneficial for me or anybody else; nobody wants to waste time with integrating a beta licensing system.

And I most definitely charge. No free stuff here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: