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MicroConf Europe 2017


The Microconf Europe conference for 2017 has just been announced.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Date: 12 November - 14 November, 2017

There’s no info yet about speakers or prices.

If you haven’t been to Lisbon before, I highly recommend the city. It’s very pleasant.


Thanks @SteveMcLeod, sounds interesting! I know Lisbon and it is indeed a lovely place.

On their website (http://www.microconfeurope.com/), it is mentioned the conf is targeting single-founders.

We’re two co-founders in my current gig, do you think we could still get in ? :slight_smile:


Absolutely. It’s targetted at bootstrappers, really. I was at MicroConf in Barcelona a few years ago and met several people from smaller companies. It’s a great event and I highly recommend going.


Thanks! Marking it in my calendar :slight_smile: