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WTF marketing strategies


Hi guys!

I’m a big fan of Brennan Dunn and his posts about freelancing and bootstrapping. Following him on Twitter, I noticed he had a problem with some European customers who need more than a simple payment receipt for his products. You might know that European businesses always need a proper invoice with billing address, VAT number, etc.

Well, I answered some of those tweets, and I even sent him an email. But I got no answers.

After talking to @malditojavi about this, we decided to give a step forward and launch a personal landing page for Brennan. Here’s the result: http://quaderno.io/the-brennan-dunn-plan

Must confess that we were worried about his potential reaction after tweeting the page yesterday. But Brennan seems to have a good sense of humor and he retweeted it. We got 180+ visits and a good bunch of leads.

What do you think about this? Have you ever tested a crazy marketing idea?



I saw Brennan’s tweet yesterday about your page. I thought it was pure genius. You saw someone who had a problem that you could help with. You provided a solution and a great story about how your solution works and you leveraged his reach by reaching out to him. Brilliant all around. It’s a really interesting twist on a customer success story.


out of the box idea + quickly taking action = genius



I hope it converts to lots of new business.


Great idea, great execution. There’s always some risk of backlash from the subject, but really if you’re providing an honest solution & not just using well-known people as linkbait for useless crap, you can’t go wrong.


I believe it is fair to expect a followup telling us how it did in fact convert.


Sure thing!! :wink:
Give me some days to measure results and write a post about it.


Glad it worked well after all :slight_smile: Not all the companies or startups always think that a crazy idea should be in production, but http://quaderno.io and @polimorfico are cool guys !

Regarding your comment @rfctr , I don’t know specifically if @brennandunn finally signed-up, but I like to think in this action as a way to put our our tool in front of potential users. Guys like Rand Fishikin (Moz) or @mijustin have widely written about how ‘content marketing’ works.

more info: http://www.slideshare.net/randfish/why-content-marketing-fails (slides 16 and 29)
this post by @mijustin http://justinjackson.ca/play-the-long-game/


@malditojavi thanks for the mention! @polimorfico - if you have questions, please ask!


Thank you, @mijustin!


Hey guys! Here’s the article we wrote after this marketing experiment. I’d love to read your comments.