Working with or without partner?

Hey guys. I’ve been in a startup world for years and I worked alone and with partners. I’m also searching for new opportunities and places to meet new partners.

I was wondering:

  1. What is better for you? To work alone or with a partner?
  2. Where did you find a partner?

Hey @dadili,

generally I opt for alone as long as I don’t see strongly complementary skills (and the need for the skills). It also helps a lot to have “a history” together to know you can actually resolve issues… That’s my two cent coming from personal experience.

What kind of businesses have you started?


I tried different areas like: adult, dating, social networking, crypto, web scraping, tele communications, leading semi-successful news portal… I can’t even remember what I’ve tried so far.

But it all failed

That’s okay, as long as they all fail for different reasons.