Workado - My First SaaS Product Has Launched

It is a task management system built specifically to help manage marketing campaigns. It is ideally suited for SEO and digital marketing agencies. There are tons of project management systems, but marketing campaigns aren’t really one-off projects and so most agencies have to work around the project management system limitations.

I would like to get your opinion on the website. Do you feel it addresses what you would want to know if you were a prospective customer?

I am considering an autoplay video (no sound) that shows off the product and placing it where I currently have the 3d/flat perspective view of the app. Thoughts on that?

Hi Justin,

It’s pretty good. I just noticed a few small things:

  1. “The first recurring…” I don’t think it will matter to your
    customers that you are first, it’s just a distraction in that
  2. “and when.” - On my screen, the ‘and when’ is out of line
    with the other points, the alignment is off. Same with ‘know what
    they’ve paid for!’

Thanks @duncanm. Really appreciate you taking the time to review and especially the screenshot.