Windows 10 App Store

Lots of noise coming out of Microsoft re: Windows 10 at the moment.

Anyone planning/thinking/have done any apps for the store?

Last I heard the Windows app store was a) full of garbage and b) driving very few sales, despite this not being their first attempt at it.

I haven’t dug too deep, but I believe they have widened the net in what they will accept so standard Windows Desktop apps will be allowed in etc (could be wrong), not just “Metro” etc. IN real terms, just another marketing opportunity.

No, they don’t allow desktop apps for Windows 10 Store (in Windows 8/8.1 Store desktop apps were allowed but for companies, not for individuals). Furthermore, since July they do not accept new desktop apps to the Windows 8/8.1 Store as well. All desktop application that have been submitted previously will be deleted in June of 2016. At least I received a notification email from Microsoft (in May) that all my desktop apps will be deleted within a year.

In other words, if you want to have a submission to Windows Store, you should have two versions of the app: Universal/Metro app for Windows Store, and regular desktop app for the rest of the world.

Win10 store will support “sandboxed” win32 & .net apps in 2016. It is like mac appstore, no need to rewrite traditional desktop apps. It is project “Project Centennial”. There was Photoshop Elements Win10 store demo on Build 2015. Win32 apps might run inside Hyper-V virtual machine?

“The Windows Bridge for Classic Windows apps, ‘Project Centennial,’ that will make it possible to package and publish your current .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store, will be ready for public testing next year.”

So what I am getting is that its STILL confusing, overly complex and half complete then? Not at all like Microsoft that…

The browser looks a more attractive platform every day.