Window app store a 'cesspool of garbage'

I looked through the Windows app store recently and I was mighty unimpressed by what I saw. But it looks like things are much worse than I thought:

The biggest selling point of Windows is the huge range of quality software that runs on it. Surely Microsoft of all people know that? What are they doing?

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All app stores are a mess. I am glad I redeveloped my mobile apps to be mobile web and get out of there.

Apple, for all their faults, at least seem to make some effort to curate theirs.

Yes, but there is still a lot of rubbish and scammy apps, mostly target children.

Indeed. I’ve had both a Windows phone and an IPhone, and I would choose the IPhone anyday, even at twice the price. Mainly because the app store is easier to use, has more apps, and I haven’t found a single scammy app yet.