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Who's going to MicroConf Europe?


There seems to be a few of us going to MicroConf (@patio11, @ian, @Andy, @chriskottom, @kulmala, @dennis, and @jarkko - anyone else?)

When’s everyone getting in? My flight arrives Friday at 5.40pm, so not sure what time that’ll get me to the hotel. Anyone arriving at around the same time, want to share a vehicle of some sort?

Depending on when people are arriving, it’d be great to organise a bootstrapped meetup (thanks @dennis for the idea!)


We’ll arrive there on Thursday night and fly back on Monday night. Meetup sounds like a good plan.


I hadn’t heard of this conference until I read your post…Prague, aye? I might just have to go.


I am arriving at Prague airport (terminal 1) a 1500 hours on Friday. Happy to share a taxi if anyone else is arriving at a similar time.

I am planning to dump my stuff at the hotel and have a wander round Prague on Friday afternoon and be at the reception for 7pm.

I am speaking on Saturday after lunch (last I heard). So I may be a bit preoccupied over Saturday lunch.

And I am going to speakers dinner on the Saturday night.

I am flying back at 2150 on Sunday night.

Happy to meetup if it fits with the above.


I think it is sold out!


I’m already here, and I’ll be available if anyone is in early and wants to grab lunch on Friday (or most other days, for that matter) and have a walk around.


@chriskottom I would be interested to go for a walk with a ‘local’. Perhaps meet at the hotel or somewhere in the centre at 1630?


@andy Would love to join if that’s okay! Tobias and I plan to drive to Prague by car, as it’s just a few hours from Berlin and it’s more comfortable than flying. We plan to arrive in the early afternoon.


I’m arriving on Thursday night and we are continuing on Tuesday.

@chriskottom, @Andy, I’d love to join ( & my husband too) if you don’t mind!

Also, me & Christoph Engelhardt are organizing a group dinner on Saturday evening, the current attendee list is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiTgwom59aOOdFhkQ0xDMGJjV1prb3hNbWdtNm9pMXc#gid=0

Feel free to join in, just let me or Christoph know.


I’m not going @danielstudds , but I’m going to try to go to the US one. Been trying to get to this thing for years!


Ah, my mistake - that’s too bad, @ian!


I will need to pick up my kids from school and spend a little time with them before I disappear for the rest of the weekend, but I could meet anyone who’s interested in the center around 5:30 for a walk around a few of the sights before heading over to the opening reception.


There seems to be availability still. I just bought my conference ticket, airfare, and hotel. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

I’ll be at the hotel from about Friday 5pm onwards.


Sounds good. I’m on for that. Can you suggest where to meet. Perhaps post (or email me) your mobile number and a link to a picture of you. My mugshot is on my blog ‘about’ page, but it won’t let me post a link.

@kulmala The more the merrier!


@smcleod It would be good to meet up. Come and find me after my talk, if we don’t manage to cross paths before then.


I wish. I’ve managed to miss the last 2 MicroConfs due to a combination of scheduling and idocy.

I am absolutely, 100% going to the US MicroConf in 2014.


Will do…always nice to meet a person in, well, person who you’ve been acquainted with online for some years.


Let’s aim for 5:30 at the Můstek metro station. Můstek is on the B line seven stops from Vysočanská which is about 150 meters from the front doors of the hotel, and since there are a few ways to exit the station, we’ll plan to meet right in the middle of the station platform just as you exit the train.

I’ll contact everyone interested with my mobile number and personal details by mid-week or so.


Will it not be crazy busy on a metro platform at 5:30 on a Friday?

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It will definitely be busy, but the platform sits between the two opposing tracks, so it’s wide enough to get out of the way of most foot traffic which will be headed for the stairs. The alternative would be to send people to a meeting point above ground, but as there are at least a dozen different ways to exit the station, I think this option is the safer one.