White label pricing

If you were to white label your software how would you set the pricing?

For example if my software reguarly sells for $20 per month subscription do I set the white label price to the same? Or it probably depends on who performs support. Just wondering if anyone has done this.

We receive roughly 50% of the normal retail price for our white label version. I say “roughly” because we sell for a once-off fixed price but the reseller of our white label version pays us a monthly fee depending on usage levels.

We handle product support for the white label version but redirect any payment related support to the vendor of the white label version.

It’s interesting you give them that much of a discount. In my experience ongoing development and support take up the most time and you are still taking on that responsibility.

Don’t underestimate the value of the time the reseller spends in sales and marketing.

I’m happy with the arrangement we have, because the reseller has done an excellent job of bringing us a lot of sales we wouldn’t otherwise had.