Which podcasts / episodes should I listen to

Hey bootstrappers

I’m looking for podcasts that are relevant to my current situation!

So here is my situation:
I guess I’m a successful freelancer. I have great clients that I do PHP development for. I turn down jobs, since I already have +40 hours a week. I wanna travel. I’ve lived in morocco and thailand, but found client work exhausting and difficult from abroad. Even though I’m happy, my skills improve every day and my clients projects a mostly cool, I don’t want to be a freelancer in the long run, I want to run a business.

What are great podcasts I should know? I know the tropicalmba, but find the number of episodes intimidating. I liked Dan Norris’ 7 days startup, so stuff like that is welcome. Stuff about freelancing vs running a business is what’s on my mind these days :slight_smile:


Check the ‘related podcasts’ link on the side bar of my blog:

They are aimed mostly at people who want to start small software product businesses.


Even though I’m probably aiming for something more service oriented at this moment.

Hey Peter - We talk about those kinda topics quite a bit on our podcast, Bootstrapped Web. http://bootstrappedweb.com

And if you have a specific question you’d like to hear some discussion about, send it our way! http://bootstrappedweb.com/ask

Awesome, I’ll check it out on my 5.5 hours flight tomorrow! :wink: