Where to put my content?

So let’s say I’m creating a ton of complementary content which potential customers might find interesting. Where do I put it?

Should I just stuff everything into a blog located at mydomain.com/blog/ or should I create a “resources/articles/howtos/” page for my product at let’s say mydomain.com/product/resources/ and put those articles there? (And link to those pages from the blog whenever I release a new article).

I’m asking both regarding SEO and sales funnel wise. Does it matter? If yes which option should I choose?

I would think as long as the posts themselves have good titles, it doesn’t matter where on your site you put them.

Disclaimer: I’m not a SEO, I just read some stuff.

Placing HOWTO articles as blog posts is confusing.

If it is a help article, please it into KB area. If it is your general thoughts on your business domain, place it into blog. If it is a list of links to supplemental resources, place it onto resources page.

Users and Google like when stuff is in intuitively expected places. Users will press the Back button less, making Google like your pages more.

I agree with what some pointed out here, that as long as the content is good, it doesn’t matter where you put it. However, I am leaning towards creating a blog. I personally am more inclined to reading those rather something that’s under a “resources” tab.