Where to post a support job?

We’re looking to hire a remote customer support person. Any ideas what’s the best place to post this kind of job?

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I’m seen a few support jobs posted to https://weworkremotely.com/ - which is the remote working jobs board from 37 signals.

I found someone via oDesk, which also takes care of all the billing. The 37signals site looks like it’s a bit ‘higher end’.

Thanks guys. Yeah, apparently the 37signals board charges you $200 to simply post a job…

I think it depends where do you want your future employee work, if it’s remote or not… etc.

Main job boards for support jobs are :

I went with odesk too, and it’s working pretty well.

You will get quite a lot of replies from seemingly qualified candidates though. One thing that I tried was to attach some ‘interview questions’ to the bottom of the job posting. You can then quickly scan through the answers to see if the candidate actually knows something about the subject - or at least knows how to google the answer :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the service personally but Virtual Staff Finder looks like an interesting alternative.