Where is the best place to hire a copywriter?

I need to hire a copywriter to help with a site I’m working on. Are there any sites like yunojuno or pickcrew that cater to copywriters? If not, does anyone have any experience with a good copywriter they can recommend?

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I use oDesk for general hiring – loads of copywriters there, across all topics.

However, I’m using this brilliant tip I just read last week from @itengelhardt – look for bloggers who already understand & write about your particular industry. They will create better content in less time, and they already have an audience you can leverage.

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This content and copy agency just launched: http://chloebarker.co.uk/

They have some really great copywriters, content strategists and UX people onboard.

Joanna Wiebe is amazing at CopyHackers. Also has a huge amount of great advice for copywriters, a useful newsletter with tips and tricks and is a lovely person.

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