Where do you host your podcast?


  • Where do you host your podcast? (Soundcloud, Simplecast, Fireside, etc…)
  • Why did you choose that podcast host?


Because my co-host is the founder. :slight_smile:


Self hosted on Wordpress/Blubbry … because it is quite simple and just works… Keep control over everything… Digital Ocean server…

Yep as @Ken mentioned we host everything on castos.com now too (all 3 shows, about to be a 4th). Happy to chat through it with anyone who wants a tour.

Similar to Blubrry we give you the option to manage your podcast via WordPress with our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, or publish/manage your show from castos.com

At $15/mo unlimited episodes you can’t beat the deal. :slight_smile:

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I self host.
If I didn’t self host, I’d definitely ponder simple solutions like castos, fireside or simplecast.
I’d avoid stuff like Soundcloud, or at least not use it as my “main” way to serve my podcast.