Where do you host demo videos?

What do you guys use to host a product demo video?
I have seen a lot of companies use Wistia lately. Youtube is a good free option, but I think you have less control over some elements like thumbnails.
Edit: Also self-hosting is probably a popular option too.

I use Vimeo Pro. $200 for a whole year with very high limits.

We looked at Wistia but the price was too high for what we needed it for.

I use Wistia and have really enjoyed it. I really appreciate the analytics it provides

Can you use Vimeo Pro to sell products? The last time I looked at it their Terms of Use wouldn’t let you use it for commercial purposes.

Wistia is awesome + they’re nice guys. :slight_smile:

That used to be the case but the “Pro” plan is for commercial use: http://vimeo.com/help/faq/vimeo-membership/vimeo-pro#does-my-business-company-organization-need-to-use-vimeo-pro-can-we-use-a-basic-or-plus-account-instead

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Which is best if you want more visits?

Vimeo Pro is just for hosting the videos. It’s not a social sharing service so I guess you would want YouTube for that.

We use Vimeo mostly to host the stuff for our tutorial videos and so on as it saves us having to faff about encoding videos and so on.

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I use Vimeo as well. Wistia I found too pricey.

I originally wanted to use Youtube, but they force you to join Google+ now, and I found this an unnecessary hassle. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers I like moving to Vimeo, and they seem pretty god from what I’ve seen so far.

Thanks guys! It looks like Vimeo Pro is the most reasonable option for me right now.

+1 for Vimeo Pro. Good to get your video content onto YouTube as well, even if you use Vimeo on your marketing site. I figure it helps if someone searches for your product or for your product related topic searches on YouTube as well.

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First I self-hosted a demo video. But then mobile browsing got popular, and iOS in particular wouldn’t show the video, because the player was in Flash.

So I moved to YouTube, which was a wonderful, free option. But then I wanted to try some advanced customisations of the player.

So I moved to Wistia. And was blown away by the analytics it offers. For example, it answers these questions: Where in the video do people tend to stop watching? Which bit do they replay?

Thanks for your input. I just saw your website and I would be using a video in pretty much the same scenario as you. The only difference is that I am at the beginning of my journey :).

+1 for Wistia. I’ve used that for some clients and it’s great. The pricing model may not make sense for everyone but they have some advanced features like the analytics mentioned.