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Where can i get writing done that is similar and not an outright copy?


I want an article rewritten so that it has similar content but not a direct clone. What is this called and is there any way I can get this outsourced?

I also want a website that I want copied but with rewritten and some reworkings here and there so that it isn’t an exact copy but has the same content and style.


I think the term is “spinning”. You can get it done on oDesk (UpWork).

Would like to know other people’s experiences of this - mine aren’t that great.


Before you go and ‘spin’ someone else’s article I would suggest taking a minute to think how you would feel if someone did it to an article you had written.


I assumed it was the OP’s own article!


If it is, then that puts a different ‘spin’ on it!



And it isn’t that hard to write an original article anyway.

If you must outsource it, rather than copying, sorry “spinning”, why don’t you just hire a writer to write an original article? Unless it’s something like Quantum mechanics (& maybe even then), most writers know how to do research. I’d say it’s part of the job.


that is even a better idea but not sure where to start. freelancer.com?


I fully expect it and would be flattered.