When is it not OK to ask for an email address?

Yesterday I shared a video from an event I organised in July in this thread:


We’re giving away free access for a limited time, but an email address is required to gain access. Usually we charge for video from our events for a few reasons:

  1. It costs money to produce the videos and we want to sustainably continue doing that for future events.
  2. It costs time to package up the videos and we think they’re more valuable with audio, transcripts and notes.
  3. Hosting video is relatively expensive. And we don’t think you should have to sit through ads to watch them.

I felt an email address would be a fair exchange for this offer. Afterall, if you’re interested in one of the videos we produce you’re very likely to be interested in other videos and events we produce. And so you’ll likely want to hear about more.

I posted the video here because I felt it was a useful resource that you would want access to. I didn’t feel comfortable only promoting our next event which requires the purchase of a ticket to attend. But it is clear that some of you feel this was boarderline spam.

So the question is what would you all prefer I and others in similar situations do in future?

Note, I’ve not posted this in meta as I’m interested in how this applies more broadly to forums in general.

As far as I can tell, it’s not an email that’s required, but rather creating an account. Your post was very detailed but left out this critical requirement. When I clicked through to hear what Patrick had to say in the video, I felt a bit deceived that I could only watch the video after creating an account.

I suggest modifying your original post to state clearly that creating a free account is required.

Ah of course. That makes sense. Post updated. Thank you!

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Groan. Create yet another account.

I would have preferred an email only access system.

https://www.mohmal.com/en for times when you don’t want to use your email address

I am shocked how people are complaining about additional stuff they have to do to get the INVALUABLE information. Email address or account or Tweet or something - come on guys, people who produced video spent HOURS/DAYS of time and it cost them thousands, and you’re not willing to spend some minutes or give your email? I guess better option would be to charge like $99 instead of creating account?

Come on people. Let’s respect the creators. Cause we are creators too and at times we would like to collect emails too.

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As you can see, different people value giving email/setting up an account differently. Some find it offensive, others are shocked that some are complaining. You can’t control how others judge it.

However you can make your proposition crystal clear upfront (as you did now). This makes it clear to the prospective viewers of the video that there is a non-monetary exchange/transaction they must agree to in order to see the video.