When is best time to send an email to new subscribers?

Hi guys,

I’ve added a feature in my (desktop) app - for people to subscribe with their email address. I would like to drop a personalized email to each such subscriber to thank them, and ask them for feedback - if they have any.

When is the best time to do this:

  • ASAP
  • 1-2 days later
  • 1 week later
  • ?


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People have feedback when they have something to say, not when you send them an email.

In other words: I have feedback about an app when I use the app and discover something that bothers me or could be improved. This could be in the first hour of use or it could be a month after I downloaded the app.

Why the delay? I don’t always run the app immediately. I don’t always start using the app heavily immediately. I don’t use all available functionality (especially the more advanced options) immediately. Even if something bothers me it might take 20 occurrences to bother me enough to leave feedback. Etc…

Instead of sending an email, make it easy for people to give you feedback about the app when they have something to say.

I would do it by adding a feedback button in a visible place, like in a main window of the UI.

That button would launch a browser with a webpage like https://blog.kowalczyk.info/contactme.html where people can type their feedback, press a button and that will send an e-mail.

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Groove HQ has a good article about their experience with follow-up emails.

I’ve tried various approaches with timing and content. I didn’t see much difference between sending an email immediately and waiting a few hours.

I also tried personalising the content in each email to suggest that I was an actual human writing. That didn’t seem to make much difference.

What made the most impact for me was keeping the email brief.

Got it, thanks. The feedback button I’ve added is quite visible and easy to use. Assuming the user subscribes, I will know when the user uses the app, so I guess I could time it a bit. Will need to think a bit :wink:

Yup, reading and thinking about it :wink:
Yes, keeping the email brief sounds like a good idea, thanks!

LATER EDIT: Yes, awesome article,will take its advice :slight_smile:

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