When and how to hire the first sales person

Hi guys,

I’m in the lucky position to have more and more traffic and leads on my product but I’m struggling to close more deals. With the current numbers revenue wise I would be able to hire (at least a part time) sales person.

Has anybody any experience with this? I’m talking B2B sales only mostly to bigger clients (not necessary) enterprise but still with some of the usual ‘demo/sales’ dance.

To be more specific the following questions come to mind:

  • Where to find a decent sales person?
  • How to compensate? Base salary? Commission?
  • What ‘things’ should be in place for a sales person to work with?

Around the middle of this weeks podcast we talk about this a bit and what we’re doing at UserScape http://bootstrapped.fm/bootstrapped-episode-58/

Finding a decent part time one is going to be really hard. No advice there :smile:

We do base salary plus commission. We have a large existing customer base so we have 2 commission tiers. X for support renewals and license sales to existing customers 2X for new business to fully new customers or new divisions/departments of existing customers.

We’re using Close.io for sales CRM. It’s a little rough in spots, but overall we like it. You need something like that and GoToMeeting or similar. We also use a product called Schedule Once to let people select demo times and it automatically creates a GTM meeting and sends them the info.

Hi Ian,

thank you for the answer. Any tips on where to find a decent sales person? Unfortunately I’m not able to hire somebody out of my support team like you guys :smile:

Yeah, no idea :slight_smile: Part time seems like it would be hard but can start by putting out some ads. Maybe authentic jobs, maybe wherever sales people hang out???