Whats your typical trial-2-paid conversion?

All of you must have heard about the Groove’s survey: http://groovehq.com/blog/saas-conversion-survey-results

The saas-version of our tool converts 18% (visitor-2-trial) which is fairly good, but the trial-2-customer rate is 3-5% which sucks…

What are your numbers?

Some numbers here (but a few years old and for downloadable software):

I’m usually 10~12% trial-to-purchase. (SaaS that does scheduling for a niche within the healthcare market)

I suspect that because there are so many solutions in the helpdesk/ticket space people looking for this rapid-fire through trials during their research phase. The odds of them picking your solution are less when there are a dozen good solutions.

I wonder why jitbit.com web site is not accessible from Russia?