What's your end game? When will you stop growing your bootstrapped business?

Have you ever thought about what comes after growing your bootstrapped business? What happens after 1M ARR, 10M ARR, or even 100M ARR? Is your goal to become a unicorn? Sell? IPO? :unicorn:

We’ve asked ourselves this question a lot over the past months, and have decided to slow down and stop growing for the wrong reasons. It’s just not sustainable. Not for your team, not for your customers, and not for yourself as the founder.

I wrote down our ideas in this article here :point_right:https://plan.io/blog/post-growth-entrepreneurship/

Would love to hear some feedback from other Bootstrappers. Thanks! :pray:

P.S.: Here’s an infographic from the article we made about bootstrapping vs. VC. Feel free to use it.

If I manage to turn my new service into MRR then I would NEVER stop !