What's the most efficient digital product you know from a business model point of view? (i.e. WinRar)

I’m trying to make a list of products that generate a good amount of money compared:

  1. The simplicity of its design.
  2. The costs to develop and maintain them

For example:

I will be editing the list with everybody suggestions.


How are you determining the cost to develop and maintain each service?

I’m just making an assumption.

Interesting assumptions, Place It is significantly harder then it seems. Did something similar in 2012 that never saw the light of day after 1 or 2 weeks of full time work on it.

Two weeks seem a reasonable cost IMO :wink:

The products I’m looking for are ones that, with the simplest technology and interface possible, are still valuable enough to generate money.

We didn’t launch it, but yes a good learning exercise and we got to re-use a lot of things later on. I’m trying to make a point the simple products often encapsulate a lot of complexity. The skill and time comes from making that complexity simple to users. If you can do that - then you have a successful product.

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Yep, totally agree. Even apparently simpler projects can hide high complexity.

What I’m looking for though, is those products that while using simple technology, offer a high enough amount of value for people to pay for them.

Customers don’t care about how difficult it is to create the solution, and often, I find myself and other product builders forget that.

Another great example of the type of product I’m researching about:


A couple more products added. “Like” the initial if you find this type of list interesting.