Whats the best 'template' to fire a B2B customer you've seen?

Its not them… its me…

Whats the best text you’ve seen on how to ‘fire’ a B2B customer?

Keeping in line with thoughts in places such as

I’ve come up with

I am sorry to say that it has become clear that we are not able to meet your expectations.
I’ve refunded your purchase in full and wish you good look in finding a vendor that can better serve your needs.

Bit sharp though…

I’ve been told by one enterprise client that it’s a lot less acrimonious to claim you are narrowing business focus and removing multiple clients rather than a single client.

They also suggested “you may want to actually do that as well”

Interesting question. I think you could be a bit more specific + suggest them alternatives (e.g. I won’t be able to deliver N widgets a week and thus you won’t hit your revenue goals. I’ve talked with vendor V and he might be able to help you). I’m curious what others think.

Its not about “I can’t deliver n widgets a week” - more like “I can’t deal with your totally dysfunctional organisation and still make a profit or keep sane” sort of thing. Hence the firing. Obviously don’t want to get into specifics with customer unless I really have to.

Won’t work in this particular case as I obviously won’t be ‘narrowing business focus’

Oh, I’ve done that quite a few times. I just tell them the truth; their needs exceed what I can provide and can’t continue. I refund their money, wish them well, be as nice and honest as possible, and go about my day. Really not that big a deal once you get the first couple out of the way :slight_smile:


Yep. Something like “It seems like you need a higher level of support than we have the resources to provide”

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Haha. Burst out laughing when I read this :smiley:

In which case, be honest. Something like @Clay_Nichols said. But I wouldn’t fire them outright. Instead, raise their price to such obscene level that they quit themselves.

PS: Which product is this?

Problem with raising price is I can’t only do that at next support renewal - when I am likely to do myself harm way before then…

Out of interest how many have you had to do and is there a common denominator of what’s going to cause the problems?

I’ve come close to this several times in the past (but never actually done it as been able to resolve things by threatening to do it).

The common denominator for me seems to be when the customers IT dept is outsourced offshore and rather than dealing with one or two individuals to resolve a problem they (the services provider) just throws bodies at the problem who tend to run around like headless chickens fiddling with stuff they don’t understand and cause far more problems than they solve.

Todays case in point - who in their right minds would try and modify the location of the Windows temp file dir on a server? And if you did decide to do such a thing would you at least make sure you didn’t put a typo in the damn path!?!?! :rage:

Well, I’ve only come to the stage of actively dealing with a problem customer a few times but they were all, universally, takers. Constant hand holding required, always, on every purchase, regardless of product. Always. So that’s my new flag; too needy and unwilling to help themselves is no good to the long con…

Hmmm… have you tried setting some ground rules?

for example, for our corporate customers who buy a multi-seat discounted license, we only support one point of contact, to minimize re-explaining things.


Upsell deluxe support level at a ridiculous price.