What's stopping you from having a newsletter / ecourse for your product/service?

I have been planning a newsletter for our website visitors for YEARS.

Some of the reasons I didn’t get around to it were:

  1. Didn’t think I had good “stuff” for them
  2. Email distribution used to be complicated. (I tried sending it myself but email bounces were a pain). That’s all changed in the last 5+ years.

But there are other possible reasons:

  1. Perhaps there’s not value (return on investment)
  2. Don’t have time.

Other reasons?

So far, time for me.


so you have some ideas of content that would be of interest to (and ideally reinforce your value proposition) to your customers?

Have you considered just writing one or two articles so that everyone who comes to your site can sign up and get those two?

That way you make your website sticky.

Or, do you have a website yet?

I run a freemium Shopify app. My free plan shows all the available settings and functionality, and urges to upgrade when needed for what shops want to do. So I feel that already smooths onboarding to my paid plan.

Eventually I’ll have some drip email campaign about customer success stories but for the next 6 months or so I really need to focus everything on building out the app first. Conversion to paid is decent already and I have a list of real prospects waiting for certain features. Seems better ROI to focus on that first.

On a similar subject to this, if you write a blog article do you do an email blast to your mailing list about it?